The WHO trio play the music of Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington


26 sept   Kleintheater Luzern
1  mars  AMR Jazz Festival  Genève
18 mai  Bejazz  Bern
24 mai  Schaffhausen Festival
25 mai  Chorus Lausanne
19 Juin  Festspiele ZH
24 jan 2019   Bird’s eye Basel

“Strell” is the newest project of the WHO trio; a unique interpretation of the music of Billy Strayhorn & Duke Ellington.

In 2018 it will have been twenty years that the WHO trio has toured internationally, exploring a music between composition and improvisation, continually developing a  singular language common to it’s three members.

Now this collective language has reached a level of maturity where it seems possible to touch something that the trio holds dear and which has an important place in a shared musical culture: the music of Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington.

 The WHO trio’s goal is to infuse this rich musical heritage with today’s musical words, and to do so with the love of this music that guides and inspires new musical creations.

These timeless compositions are a crucible of inspiration. They are like a mighty wave, allowing the trio to surf to new horizons. A source nurturing the trio, without constraining it’s possibilities.

It is a new reading, with it’s feet in tradition, combining the centrality of the blues at the heart of this repertoire with the open spirit of improvisation which offer new departures created from the subtle and unpredictable interactions of the WHO trio.

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